Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Trying to Jump into e-book design!

During the day, between all the other print design I do, I am always thinking about e-book design. I know I need to incorporate it into the workflow but trying to figure out how is taking me forever and I feel so clumsy.

The resources online are endless of course! On Twitter, I've been enjoying all the #eprdctn folks and learn something every time I log in. I have been so thrilled to find @lizcastro -- loved her #eprdctn chat today with @tinahender. Liz's great tips are really helping me get some ideas about how to do e-books--through her blog and Twitter posts. Blogs are fabulous--I just saw a post on sorodesign's site ( about designing apps. What a great field to break into! That put my mind in a whole new direction.

Formatting becomes even more complicated, because then of course is the question of which reader will  come out on top in the war since it affects file format so much. I haven't figured out how people decide which reader to design for--maybe it's like other things in life--You have to pick one and jump in! I am ashamed to say I haven't spent a lot of time around any of them--just heard the reviews and seen the news about what others think. I know I need to invest some time in playing around with all of them.

Which reader do you recommend? Do you design for just one of them or create several different files for different readers?

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